Angels Among Us

I never thought much about school supplies. Sydney has been in elementary school for a few years, and while the list grows with each year, we could handle it. Only buying school supplies for one person also made it easy. So when two junior high aged girls became part of our family, all of a sudden things were different. Our finances were all over the place that summer all ready. We hadn’t originally planned on taking in two children, and the needs added up quickly.

Shortly after the girls were placed in our home, we heard about a local event for foster families. We live in the Texas Panhandle so the local chapter of National Angels for us is Amarillo Angels. I was already familiar with the organization, as our church life group had been part of their Love Box program. This event was a nice of fun at the Discovery Center, as well as receiving free school supplies. I knew we’d only do foster care a very short time, so I thought we should utilize the resources available to us while we could.

When I told the girls where we were going, Sylvia was not impressed. She felt that people who did things for foster care kids didn’t truly care – that they were simply trying to make themselves feel better. She also figured the school supplies would be cheap, generic and not age appropriate.

Discovery Center – July 2018

We had a nice time at the Discovery Center and were met with warm smiles and greetings. When we left, we stopped to pick up our school supplies. We were given six large bags filled to the brim. It took all of us to carry them to the car. Once we got home, we took inventory of the supplies. We had name brand items that were great for junior high kids – binders, highlighters, pens. There were also things for Sydney going into second grade – markers, glue and facial tissues. We had to supplement the supplies, but that generous gift saved us hundreds of dollars at a time things were already financially tight.

A few weeks later I was going through the bags of supplies and noticed something I hadn’t previously seen. There were five notes – each one individually addressed to a person in our family. John and I read our notes and gave the girls theirs. Sydney brought hers to me to read with her since it was in cursive handwriting. It was a lovely note thanking her for sharing her parents with her new sisters and encouraging her. The note also read that God sometimes gives us big, hard things, but turns them into blessings. She smiled from ear to ear as I read each word. She then got some tape and placed the note on her mirror in her bedroom. A year later and the note is still attached to the mirror. She says she likes to read it when she’s having a difficult day. To her it’s a reminder that she is seen, heard and loved. Although she was never in foster care, someone took a moment to make sure she felt just as special as the kids who were new to our family.

That’s what I so cherish about National Angels, although I’ve obviously bias toward Amarillo Angels. They focus on supporting the entire foster family.

Pumpkin Carving – October 2018

A few months later Amarillo Angels helped us again. A local church life group wanted to hold a pumpkin carving day for a few foster families. John had to work that day so I took the three girls to the park for some fall fun. There were only three families at the event in order to keep it fun and manageable. The families in the church group supplied the pumpkins, carving materials and snacks. It may have seemed like a small thing to them, but it meant so much to me. I had wanted the kids to carve pumpkins, but was apprehensive. The pumpkins and supplies can add up fast when there are three kids. Plus, with John working on the weekends, supervision would be solely up to me. I wasn’t super excited about overseeing three kids with sharp objects. I’m also not known for my graceful knife skills. The hour and a half we spent at the park that cool, fall afternoon, were priceless. It was so comforting to me personally to have the support of this church group. It was a treasure to see the families love on my girls and offer me some support as a parent.

Nearly five months after that original trip to the Discovery Center was adoption day for Sylvia and Nici. As we were being interviewed by a local news station, Sylvia was very quiet. The last question the reporter asked was, “What is something you learned in your experience that you would like to tell older kids in foster care?” Sylvia spoke up quickly. She said that she wanted other kids, especially teens, to know that people actually care about the well-being of others and genuinely want to help. I teared up as I thought about how the simple love and support of Amarillo Angels, as well as others, had changed her heart.

You will often see things about National Angels and Amarillo Angels on my blog and social media. Because I’ve been on both sides of what they do, I have a very special connection for them.