A year worth celebrating

One of the best days of our lives!

A year.

365 days.

It seems so big yet so small.

A year ago today we legally adopted Sylvia and Nici, although in our hearts they were already ours.

I’d like to tell you that from that day forward, everything was sunshine and rainbows. Is life ever all sunshine and rainbows?

To be very honest, the next 6 weeks after adoption day were rough. Thanksgiving was the following week, and with it brought a lot of memories and mixed emotions. I started a new full-time job, which kept me away from home more than the kids were used to in the past. I got really sick around Christmas. The girls struggled to feel at home. It was all a lot.

As if that wasn’t enough, we were contacted about adopting the girls’ younger brother. We weren’t sure if that was the right thing for our family, but we also didn’t want to keep the girls away from their sibling. It was weeks of a roller coaster of emotions. Ultimately, we were not chosen as his adoptive family.

That was a difficult time, but also a blessing. Even though I never met the boy, I loved him very much because he was part of my family. I took the rejection pretty hard at first. Sylvia would tell me later that it opened her eyes to how much we could love someone we didn’t know. It let her see a glimpse of what we went through and how loved she and Nici were before we even knew their names or saw their faces.

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